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  • Troutman Model #7 Aunt Annies Rocker

Troutman Model #7 Aunt Annies Rocker

The Troutman model #7 Aunt Annies Rocker is the perfect addition to any nursery. It features a steam bent back, and no arms, that works well for rocking a baby. Or maybe your baby is that Gibson guitar you love to play, or that banjo.

Whatever you reason for your interest in the Troutman #7 Aunt Annies rocker is, rest assured that you are buying a sturdy, solid oak rocker that has been used for many generations.

Some say they love to use this rocker when shelling beans and to shuk corn, and working outside for a short break.

Recent news shows that rocking helps ADHD and Autism children and adults stay on task and keep them calm. You can get more information about this subject @ http://www.rockingchairtherapy.org/

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The Troutman Model #7 Aunt Annies Rocker is one of a kind. It was designed for folks that had a need for a armless rocker to use in churches, daycare and homes for rocking babies. Later it was discovered that many loved them to sit and play their guitar. It is a wonderful addition to any organization or home.


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