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Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs are enduring symbols of age and wisdom. Rocking chairs were a fixture of homes in the old days because many of the old people then led active lives and the rocker was their reward for their hard toil. It was probably around the ‘80s when the rocker lost its significance, as many of the old people at that time we’re living their lives a lot different from the old people of the old days. A lot of old people now are living active lives, thanks to the advances in medicine and the growing awareness for health and well-being which reached a certain maturity at that time. Whereas old people of old times spent their remaining days at home, providing wise counsel to their children’s families, old people nowadays are living their remaining years with a whole lot of activities. Thanks to old age communities, old people who can still live their lives actively are finding new opportunities for socializing. And these ‘socializings’ are usually at the core of their active lives. They engage in sports and leisure activities, enjoying life to the hilt, finally finding the reward for their years of hard work to save up for this kind of lifestyle.

But while rocking chairs are fast disappearing from the homes of old people, many new young families are showing new interest in rockers. The new interest in rocking chairs is not just for their functional value but more for their aesthetic value. Rocking chairs have been a staple in antique shops and such chairs have been associated with antiques. They got to be antiques because these chairs were made very well at the time of their construction, since craftsmen who made these chairs then put a high premium on fit and finish. Their high concern for fit and finish can be seen in the kinds of hardwoods they use. The hardwoods are chosen not just for their durability and strength, but also for their beauty. Craftsmen then chose only the best kinds of wood to ensure that the products they made from these woods will last a long time. And they ensure that their product will last by treating the wood in such a way that it is completely dry (so that it won’t warp from drying), and they wipe the woods with a lot of oils and preservatives so that the products from these woods would not be attacked by microorganisms and insects that will destroy the wood.

Rocking chairs made by Flat Tops Wood Works have the potential of becoming antiques. That’s because at Flat Top Wood Works, we adhere to the strictest standards of workmanship to ensure the long life of our wood furniture. Purchase a rocker, a dining set, tables, chairs and lounging chairs from us and you’ll appreciate the fine qualities of our products, especially as you begin to notice that the passage of time does nothing to diminish the beauty and integrity of our wood furniture. Our wood furniture stands up to the rigors of daily normal use, because we use the best joinery techniques to ensure that our products don’t squeak, creak and then disintegrate after just a few years of use. We make our wood furniture to last. And it’s not just in terms of use that they’ll continue to be important to you. We’ve designed our furniture along the rustic American design, much appreciated for the simplicity of the lines, and whose emphasis is in highlighting the beauty of the material used in the product. That’s why our products continue to be prized by designers, who look to the clean lines of our furniture products to incorporate them into such design themes that range from the rustic and country to the modern and industrial. That’s the versatility of our products and that is how it will be important to your own home.

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