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Ladder-back chairs are a fixture in many kitchens and dining rooms. Ladder-back chairs are the chairs of choice for many because of their timeless appeal. For anybody who has just moved into a house of his own, furnishing an empty new home is a daunting task. We’ve all got ideas of what we want our place to look like, most of these ideas are from the magazine’s we’ve pored over, from the places of friends we’ve visited and from some of those design and décor shows that are now a staple in many cable channels. But even if we do have a great mental picture of the furnishings we would like to have in our new place, we’ve got one insurmountable immediate problem: the budget. Most of the furnishings we see on these glossy architectural magazines and flashy cable programs are priced way beyond the budget we’ve afforded ourselves in our move. So most of the time, we just make do with what’s cheap and affordable, and over time the furnishings that we put in our new place consist of flea market finds and garage and store sales furniture. And for anybody who’s really on a tight budget, these finds are good enough as long as they do what they are made to do.

Ladder-back chairs are one of the great finds in any flea market, garage or store sales. One thing to remember when furnishing an empty new home on a budget: go for what you know works. You can read up on design basics, furniture styles, color, decorating, even basic construction technique but if all of these knowledge won’t get you even a decent chair for a decent price, they’re all just wasted things to you. Stick with styles that are familiar to you, furniture styles you’ve grown up in. What’s wrong with furnishing a loft apartment with ladder-back chairs? The thing about furnishing is that you have to have a single theme and that theme need not be a particular furniture style. You can pick a color or an event to keep your home furnishings following a single theme. So if you’ve purchased several ladder-back chairs from a garage sale, all you’ve got to do is to see what you can do with these chairs so that they follow the theme. Furnishing a new place with flea market and store sale finds is an exciting adventure, but you still can augment your sale finds with ready made production furniture pieces as long as they’re reasonably priced and they can be altered somewhat to follow your home’s theme.

Flat Top Wood Works is the best place to get production ladder-back chairs to augment your collection of used furniture. Flat Top Wood Works specializes in hardwood furniture, be it chairs, tables, stools or outdoor furniture. Most of their furniture design belongs to the rustic American furniture design and are great at developing a ‘homey, lived-in feel’ to any home. They’re of superior fit and finish, ensuring that you’ll get years of service from these hardwood furniture. One of the great advantages of getting your furniture from our store is that you can either pick just a few pieces to accentuate your current collection of furniture or you could order entire furniture set with us. Browse through our site and you’ll find that we’ve got furniture sets for your bedroom, dining and kitchen. And since we’d like to offer you a lot of designing options for your personal space where you can imprint your personal style, we’ve made choice furniture pieces for your living room and den, so that you can be as stylish and as comfortable with it as you want it to be. And since we do our furniture with hardwoods, you can be sure that they’ll last a lifetime and they might just be the next family heirloom. Come and visit our online showroom and we’ll impress you with our furniture line.

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